James Jordan


    James Jordon is President of JCC General Contractors, which provides residential and commercial construction services, and specializes in interior renovations. He is a respected community leader in Greenville, and an up-and-coming young leader in the Upstate of South Carolina. James Jordon was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan. James’ parents made a deep and lasting impression on him during his childhood, instilling the values of perseverance, earnestness, integrity, and faith. He has a brother and three sisters. During his early years and throughout high school, James attended public schools and played sports. Despite graduating from Nicolet High School in 1997 with only a 1.7 grade point average, he was still encouraged to pursue a post-secondary education. James embarked upon a higher education by first attending Waukesha County Technical College, in Waukesha, Wisconsin, from 1998 until 2003. James is the first African American, and youngest-ever individual to be elected to the WCTC Board of Trustees. In 2008, Mr. Jordon  co-founded Wisconsin Amusement Concepts, from which the first Wisconsin Monkee Joe’s franchise location was born. After several years of concept development, and as a result of Mr. Jordon’s prior successes, he established JCC General Contractors in the State of South Carolina in 2012. Since then, JCC General Contractors has completed a 108,000-square foot tenant upfit project in Downtown Greenville, South Carolina’s ONE Building, and renovated the interior of a 40-unit senior assisted living apartment complex. In 2013, JCC General Contractors was selected as a Greenville Chamber of Commerce Minority Business Accelerated (MBA) program participant, and Mr. Jordon was a recipient of the South Carolina Black Pages 40 Under 40 award.